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>> rupert murdoch under attack. his wife comes to the rescue after a protester rushed him during some pointed questions from british lawmakers. murdoch was testifying about the phone hacking scandal at his news of the world newspaper. a scandal that put that newspaper out of the business caused two top executives to resign and led to several arrests. derek mcginty has been following the hearing all day. he joins us live with more details on the testimony. >> rupert murdoch is used to publishing headlines. he has media outlets just about everywhere. today he was the headline as he was answering tough questions about how this all went down on his watch. >> swarmed by reporters and photographers, st media, and his son arrived at the hearing ready to answer questions from members of parliament. but the drama continued inside as well, just two hours in, a man attacked the newspaper corps ceo with a plate of
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shaving foam, only to be slapped by murdoch's wife. police detained the man and took him away from the hearing and once things got back underway, murdoch issued this apology. >> i would like all the victims of phone hacking to know i have completely and deeply sorry i am. apologizing cannot take back what has happened. still, i want them to know the depth of my regret for the horrible invasions into their lives. >> but during the hearing, murdoch refused to take any of the blame. >> ultimately you are responsible for this whole thing. >> nope. >> you are not responsible? who is responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run it. >> british lawmakers wanted to know what and when murdoch knew about the phone hacking at his tabloid. he testified he found out as the scandal quote, became apparent. murdoch also talked about accusations that september 11 victims here in this country were hacked as well. >> we have seen no evidence of
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that at all and as far as we know, the fbi hasn't either. >> meantime, the families of the 9/11 victims are saying they are being reached out to by the justice department, which says it is trying to set up a meeting between them and the attorney general, eric holder. that is gratifying for those families who have been asking for a meeting. they want to know the extent of this investigation into whatever hacking may have gone on in this country by the murdoch organization. back to you, lesli. >> derek, more to come on this story for sure. >> it looks like the sturdiest oak tree in southeast washington. but today five people were injured when one of the largest branches came down with no warning at all. it happened at 1:45 this afternoon just as counselors were leading a vacation bible camp under the tree. three of the injured were kids and we don't know their conditions just yet. but we do know this group was from the people's church of
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8th street in southeast. >> i had a dream that the table fell. >> i thought someone was getting shot. >> i turned around and i saw the tree failing on one of the campers and he came frurnd the tree and knocked him unconscious. >> an arborist said there were no obvious signs for the failure. weather was not a factor. the park's trees are regularly pruned. the tree is a white oak, estimated to be at least a century old. well we are under the spell of some truly oppressive heat. anny is in for topper tonight. let's talk some numbers, anny, and more importantly when we are going to see relief. >> not for a long time. we are looking at temperatures getting worse, into the 100 degree mark in the next couple of days. brace yourself for more intense heat. we have storms tracking. just popping up right now, a severe thunderstorm warning up north of hagerstown, frederick, and leesburg. those communities are impacted. we'll get more information once
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we get inside. 93 in manassas. lower 90s for winchester. it feels like in the hundreds if you factor in the humidity. tonight, what can you expect? partly cloudy conditions and muggy, becoming mostly cloudy. isolated storms still possible. lows will be in the 70s and we're going to see light winds for tonight. we'll talk more about that storm threat and the heat wave coming up a little later. back to you. >> all right, in lorton, at least one neighbor is arming herself with a shotgun and a baseball bat. she will kill the man who sexually assaulted a neighbor early sunday morning while her terrified children watched. another woman says the man tried to break into her apartment the next night and as bruce leshan tells us, police have yet to catch him. >> i heard a noise in my bedroom and in the window, there was a tapping, a noise on the screen. >> yolanda wants the man caught. she talked to us exclusively. hoping to pry loose a tip. >> we wanted the police to
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find out who. >> catch him and get him off the street. >> it's bad to be in your apartment, you know. you can't open your blinds, you know, because you don't know who is watching you. >> she suspected the man who tried to break into the apartment she shares with her young son is the same man who broke into her neighbor's home the day before. sexually assaulting the afghan immigrant while threatening her terrified children. >> don't dediscriminate their father says the children screamed anyway, alerting a neighbor who called the police. the thug ran off, but three days later the woman is still too terrified to sleep in her own ground floor apartment. >> she's scared. she doesn't sleep all the night. >> police have been canvassing the neighborhood, but they waited three days. >> wouldn't it be fair for the public to know early on so they
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could take precautions? >> we're releasing the information today. >> neighbors are now arming themselves fearing the worst. the victim's husband now plans to move his family back to afghanistan. he thinks they may be safer there. bruce leshan, 9news now. fairfax county police are asking anyone with information that could help in this case to call them or call crime solvers. new at 6:00, more alleged irregularities in dc mayor vincent gray's campaign. campaign staff collected cash contributions that exceeded the $25 legal limit then converted some of that cash into money orders to hide the activity. the office of campaign finance is investigating. bruce johnson caught up with mayor gray today at a ground breaking for a new story in northeast. >> ground breaking for a major construction project in the city's corridor. this should have been a chance for the new administration to boast about a city on the move.
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breaking new business and housing to a once blighted area. >> it's going to create more jobs for residents that live here. >> mayor gray found themselves digging out from new campaign allegations. >> first of all, we never authorized any of that. >> the mayor says he didn't know, but the washington post reports that gray campaign staffers broke the law by accepting cash donations that exceeded the $25 legal limit. then converting that cash to money orders to get around the law. >> as there were people engaged in wrong doing, they need to be held accountable. >> the campaign finance office are investigating allegations the gray campaign gave cash and money orders to sulaimon brown to keep him in the race for mayor, attacking adrian fenty. after the election, brown was hired and fired by the gray administration. >> what are you telling me? you aren't being distracked? >> absolutely not. >> gray wants the investigations over so that he
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can do more of this. this is really north capitol hill. the union station ten minutes that way. this is 3rd and h streets northeast. there are going to be 215 new apartment units on this site. >> we have been working with a lot of developers to come up with creative ways to utilize the space within the city. >> the corridor will also see streetcars by 2013. tracks already laid. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> the washington post reports that in some cases, gray campaign staffers reported cash donations from people who say they did not contribute to his mayoral bid. were you stuck on route 29 this morning? police shut down that road for ten hours after an accident. why so long? we're going to tell you just ahead. but first, how 9news now helped to get a dwi suspect off the road.
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we have an update to a story we first brought you in march. our colleague, 9news photographer was headed home one night when he spotted a drunken driver on i-95. not only did he video tape the driver's behavior, curt followed him more than 25 miles until police could make an arrest. well today in a courtroom, 57- year-old paul keen lee pleaded guilty to dwi and curt's video was shown in court. >> and it was very compelling. it was clear that this is not just somebody waving down the road. he almost killed somebody. >> state police say lee registered a blood alcohol content of .14, which is nearly twice the legal limit. the judge sentenced lee to 60 days in jail. fines of $300 and he'll have his license suspended for a
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year with the exception of driving for work. >> what is trending today? we can tell you all about it. we check google, twitter, and yahoo. everybody is talking about the hacking scandal. of course, a lot of chatter about ceo, rupert murdoch and lamar odom has been in a car accident in new york city. follow facebook for these stories and more. ahead, countdown to default, but there may be a new bipartisan solution to the stalemate. we'll be back. freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough.
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so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. it's breaking news coming from the justice department. 14 people have been arrested for allegedly mounting a cyber attack last year on the website papal. the hackers are reportedly members of a group called unanimous. investigators believe those attacks were by or in retaliation for action against wink ky wikkileeks.
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now to a traffic accident involving a montgomery county police officer. perhaps you were there trying to figure out how to get around part of colesville road in silver spring because it was closed for almost ten hours. what took so long to get the road back open? kristin fisher has the answers. >> oh yeah, i was stuck. >> the traffic was awful. >> these are just two of the thousands of drivers that were stuck in silver spring for hours tuesday morning. >> a trip that takes me about 3 to 5 minutes, 40 minutes. >> the problem, a montgomery county police officer had been responding to a call when he lost control of his cruiser and slammed into another car. incredibly, no one was seriously hurt, but everyone involved was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> this road, colesville road inbetween the beltway and the parkway was shut down starting around midnight and it stayed that way all the way through the morning rush. that's almost ten hours in which a main artery into the
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city was closed. >> for ten hours, that's ridiculous. i got in an accident one time and was shoveled off the side of the road so people could get by. what's the difference between a hard worker like myself and an officer? >> so i posed that question to montgomery county police. they say the only difference is who is in charge of the investigation. any time an officer is in an accident that also involves injuries, it's up to the collision reconstruction unit. >> each investigation follows the same steps and we treat each collision the same way no matter who is involved. this one just happened to take longer than we would normally expect. >> as for why it took longer than normal, that's part of the investigation. in silver spring, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> the officer involved in the accident has been released from the hospital, but the driver and the passenger in the other car are still there. >> we're down to 14 days and counting until default. president obama was cautiously optimistic today about a new
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plan. the so-called gang of six, democrat and republican senators reached an agreement to cut the deficit by more than $4 trillion in the next decade. it calls for some tax increases on the rich and cuts to entitlement programs. the house is voting on the tea party's cut, cap, and balance plan, which would increase the debt limit in exchange for billions in cuts and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget. the president says he will veto that bill if it reaches his desk. >> anny, we have severe weather coming our way? >> we've had several severe thunderstorm warnings in effect right now. listen carefully and we'll go to doppler radar. you see the areas shaded in yellow? listen carefully. i'll list the counties impacted right now. frederick county, maryland, washington county, maryland, loudoun county, virginia. and jefferson county in west virginia. that's all until 6:45. let's zoom on in. some of these storms have wind
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gusts next to the 50-miles per hour. watch for damage. generally heading to the south around 20 to 25 miles per hour and you can see right now some of the areas impacted right now are sharpsburg and generally heading to the south and so again, we want to be careful if you are in these locations, if you have children outside, bring them inside, because these storms can be dangerous and moving around south at 20 to 25 miles per hour and we are watching for damaging wind gusts, maybe some hail and some downpours. okay, so that threat for severe weather does continue tonight. keep your eyes to the sky for the rest of this evening. temperatures around downtown are 94 degrees, manassas 91. gaithersburg 86 degrees. it is very hot and muggy out there. factor in the humidity with those temperatures, it feels like 100 in downtown. 98 in manassas. 110 there frederick. culpeper at 105. hagerstown where we have storms taking place, feel as lot cooler thanks to the cloud
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cover and storms that are coming through. now, we are expecting a heat wave to intensify. isolated storms possible tonight. some could be severe, be on the lookout for that. hot and humid on wednesday. just like today, comessive heat watch goes into effect for thursday and just stays crazy hot through the weekend. in fact, that excessive heat watch has been issued for thursday. these areas that you see shaded in the maroon include most of the dc area. heat index values 105 to 110. maybe close to 115 by thursday afternoon. so it's going to be very, very uncomfortable. tonight, mostly cloudy and muggy. scattered storms. some heavy or severe. lows in the 70s. around downtown, upper 70s. still a very toesty night. manassas 74. tomorrow morning, bring the umbrellas just in case. partly cloudy and muggy. air quality is code orange,
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which means unhealthy. tomorrow afternoon, partly to mostly sunny. isolated storms are possible. highs should be 90 to 95 degrees. around downtown, close to mid 90s. annapolis, lower 90s and in martinsburg, 93 degrees. here's your seven-day outlook. look at thursday, friday, saturday, that is some ugly heat. 100 degrees. 103 for friday. saturday 102. so it's going to be very, very intense. it's going to feel terrible outside. make sure you take it easy those next few days. lesli, i'll be updating our news ticker on the bottom of your screen when new warnings come in or when they become canceled. stick with us. and also on our website, >> stay hydrated. we'll be coming back. brett will be back with some sports.
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it's time for 9sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. >> the nfl offseason with all the ota's and workouts and minicamps usually last five months. watch now as 32nfl teams try to cram it into six days. the nfl owners met in new york today. the player's union met here in d.c. and barring some sort of speed bump, it seems certain the lockout will end with a vote in atlanta on thursday. there are reports now that some teams, including the redskins may try to cram in a minicamp this weekend before training camp opens next thursday. these are photos from redskins
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park today. the customary training camp in the process of being erected. some teams reportedly already started contacting their players which of course is completely against the lockout rules. of course, the redskins figured out what to do with their 19 free agents. santana moss is one of those. the final days of his vacation. hosting a party, a gentleman's club in miami. nothing illegal about that, but perhaps not the pr he's looking for as he seeks a new contract. michael vick has spent the past two years remaking his pr image and another positive step for him today, the qb on capitol hill with the humane society, bringing his antidog fighting message to congress. vick supporting legislation that would penalize those who attend animal fights and who allow minors who attend as well. the nats really needed ryan zimmerman and jason worth to pick it up. we are happy to router that zimmerman is doing his part. over the last ten games, he is
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hitting .332. jason worth is hitting .108. zimmerman was the offensive hero. home run in the 7th to tie the game at 2. then in the 9th, ryan a little rbi single. a drive in the go ahead run. nats win 5-2. >> you know, he's going to be around .300 when the season ends. two big hits tonight. it was outstanding. >> nats again tonight. a ridiculous 12 quality starts in his last 13 outings. when the tampa bay lightning were born in 1992, the nhl held an entry draft, so tampa could put together a roster. the first guy they picked was a defenseman. 19 years later, hammerlick is a hot property. a free agent deal two weeks ago. two years, $7 million.
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steady a defensive unit that could use a steady veteran hand. >> when you get older, you get more experience. that's most important. it's a good opportunity to play for a good team and hopefully make some damage in the playoffs. >> finally tonight, if you're going to join the planking craze, might we suggest that you do it on an object that is bolted down. for example, not your oven. >> oh, oh. >> and if you are going use your oven, don't hold on to the door. you can see it did have a happy ending. she was able to plank, but held on to the door handle of the oven, which on most ovens opens and she was fine. you can see she is planking. >> painful. >> when your oven false on you. >> that's not really a good thing. you better hope it's not on, too. >> that's the whole area, because you could be a cooked planker. >> either way it's not a good thing. >> oh my gosh.
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roasted planker. >> that is it for us, derek will see you coming up at 7:00.

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